> News

2014-01-02: Release of 0.5, use with EFL 1.8.

> What is ePeriodique?

ePeriodique is a graphical application that display the periodic table of the elements. It shows basic data for each element, pictures, Bohr models and lattice structures. ePeriodique try to use the EFL way and provide two themes: one for desktop (default) and one for small displays (small). See man page.

ePeriodique is translated in: english, french, spanish, german, korean, italiano and russian.

> Requirements

You need the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries with elementary. If you are using Linux Slackware, you can get all the required packages from the SlackE17 project.

> Release

The last release is ePeriodique 0.5 and it works with the EFL 1.8. If you're still using the EFL 1.7, choose ePeriodique 0.4.

> Installation

You can grab source code from Sourceforge, Slackware packages are available on SlackE18 project:

> Screenshots

eperiodic main screen eperiodic info screen

> Screencast (version 0.3)